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Excursion destinations featuring sights and attractions in the Harz region

Switch off for a while and experience the Harz in all its diversity.

An illustrious history, natural beauty and the uniqueness of the Harz make it an inviting destination for a variety of excursions. Numerous museums, sights and beautiful landscapes are waiting for you to visit them.


Brocken approx. 35 km away, celebrated as the mountain of unity 1,142 m high - accessible with the Brocken railway or on foot

Altenau approx. 25m away, typical Upper Harz town with a remarkable herb park www.oberharz.de

Bad Frankenhausen approx. 70 km away, on the Kyffhäuser - sights include: the Kyffhäuser Monument www.kyffhaeuser-denkmal.de and the Panorama Museum www.panorama-museum.de

Bad Grund approx. 25 km away, Upper Harz mountain town including the Iberg Dripstone Cave and Cave Experience Centre www.​hoehlen-​erlebnis-​zentrum.​de

Bad Lauterberg approx. 12 km away, the shopping town in the southern Harz region - Kirchbergtherme thermal spa www.gollee.de

Bad Sachsa approx. 30 km away, has one of the most beautiful falconry farms in Germany, with regular flight demonstrations.

Goslar approx. 45 km away, one of the most beautiful and impressive towns in the Harz and a World Heritage Site. www.rammelsberg.de

Unicorn cave and stone church in Scharzfeld approx. 2 km away

Thomas Müntzer town of Stollberg approx. 40 km away - Historic Joseph's Cross www.bergstuebl-josephskreuz.de

Duderstadt / Teistungen approx. 25 km away, Borderland Museum

Wernigerode approx. 52 km away, the colourful city on the Harz region's colourful town

Thale / Bodetal / Hexentanzplatz / Rosstrappe www.thale.de

Harz narrow-gauge railway with Brocken as the final stop www.hsb-wr.de

Immerse yourself in the Harz National Park and experience nature in all its uniqueness.

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